Frequently Asked Questions about our bath bombs

Let's cover some basics below..

What is a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are palm sized spheres or blocks that you place in a warm bath and dissolve, leaving a pretty trail and helping you soothe both mentally and physically. 


What makes bath bombs different to bath salts and bubble bath?

Bath bombs are made with sodium bicarbonate which removes toxins due to the high alkaline substance. The natural sodium content also leaves the body feeling silky smooth. The plant oils can also add moisture to your skin! They also produce a aromatherapeutic effect due to the essential oils. Where as bubble bath is made with soap, so won't last as long as a bath bomb or leave the lovely pretty scene in your bathtub. Bath salts soothe a lot more, and depending on what salts you use, these could help with sports injury and achey muscles.


Are bath bombs strong?

Our bath bombs have a lovely fragrance, however if you are sensitive to scents and smells bath bombs may not be the right choice for you.

How long can I keep a bath bomb before using?

If you store your bath bomb in an air tight container in a dark place, they can last longer. We always recommend using bath bombs within 6 months as after this time frame they start to lose their scent. Exposing the bath bombs to the air may run the risk of moisture finding its way into the bomb and causing it to crumble.

Are bath bombs safe to use whilst pregnant?

In most cases bath bombs are safe to use in the first trimester, but if you are still unsure you may like to seek medical advice from a pharmacist or the NHS website.

Are your bath bombs safe for kids?

We recommend that children over the age of 3 can use our bath bombs.

Will your bath bombs cause skin irritation?

Our bath bombs shouldn't irritate your skin, it is possible that allergic reactions may happen to the fragrances so it is important you know what works for your skin. Never use bath bombs with open wounds or irritated skin to begin with.

Will your bath bombs stain my bath?

No. Our bath bombs will not stain your bath, however regular cleaning of your bath tub is advised due to possible build up of colour. Immediate use won't stain your bath.