Everyone loves a pamper night, whether its a new mum who just needs a little "me time" or a hard working colleague who you think deserves a pamper on their day off. Maybe it's a friend who's going through a hard time and you want to buy one to show your support. Whatever your reasons, we've got you :) 


In Bathify's Pamper Package you will recieve the following:


1 x Minature Gin

1 x 30 ml Hand Cream

1 x Face Mask

1 x Instant Hot Chocolate

1 x Bathify Large Bath Bomb

1 x Bathify Mini Bath Bomb

6 x Heart Wax Melts from Jades Melts


I am open to requests - but please bare in mind this price is allocated to these items and if there are any special requests it may be reflected in the price. 



Bathify Pamper Package